We have a new structure ready to launch for our Monday Night ClubCCG Free Poker League at the Rocking Horse in Oak Forrest.  The two major changes to the league are the price and the prize structure.  We have decided to pay more players out at each weekly event, get rid of the season ending freeroll, add a points list prize for the winner, give players a chance to earn CCG tournament vouchers by spending money at the bar/restaurant and we hopefully simplify the entire league… at least that was the goal.

2018 ClubCCG highlights & changes:

  • The TOP 6 players will be paid out at each event
  • VIP members will pay $60 per season instead of $40
  • VIP members will receive two 2nd chance tickets
  • VIP members will earn $1 in CCG Tournament Vouchers for every $1 spent at the Bar/Restaurant
  • The Points winner will win a FREE $580 CSOP Main Event Seat
  • The top six finishers will earn ClubCCG points in each event

I believe that the two biggest changes, as well as the most beneficial to the players, to the ClubCCG format is the 2nd chance tickets, and the ability to earn free tournament seats by spending money at our featured bars and restaurants.  Realistically for only $6 per event you can start with triple the chips, have a chance to win $50 or $160 worth of free CCG tournament seats, every dollar you spend at the bar goes towards free seats at CCG, and if you manage to dominate the league you can win a FREE $580 CSOP Main Event seat where the first place prize can be over $15K!  The question you should be asking yourself is why should I not play ClubCCG?

ClubCCG most frequently asked questions:

What are the payouts for a ClubCCG event?
ClubCCG will give away $210 at each weekly FREE ROLL
1st Place: $50 Cash
2nd Place: $50 CCG Bonus Tournament Voucher
3rd Place: $50 CCG Bonus Tournament Voucher
4th Place: $20 CCG Tournament Voucher
5th Place: $20 CCG Tournament Voucher
6th Place: $20 CCG Tournament Voucher

What are 2nd Chance Tickets:
2nd Chance Tickets are exclusive for our VIP members.  Each member will receive two free 2nd Chance Tickets.  At any ClubCCG League event a VIP member can use their 2nd Chance Ticket to re-enter if they are knocked out in the first five levels.  After level 5 VIP members are no longer allowed to use their 2nd chance tickets.

How do I earn FREE CCG tournament vouchers by spending money at the bar/restaurant? 
This is the biggest and best improvement to ClubCCG in my opinion.  Players simply spend money at the bar where your league takes place, and for every dollar you spend at the bar, you will earn a dollar in CCG tournament vouchers.  $1 spent at the bar = $1 in CCG Tournament Vouchers. VIP members can cash out everytime they hit the $100 or $120 mark by receiving a free Deepstack that they can schedule with Brandon at any ClubCCG event.

How do I sign up to be a ClubCCG member? 
Come by any ClubCCG event and you can sign up and play that night as a VIP member.  We do not allow any new members after week 9, and we typically start a new season every 10 weeks.  Be sure the check the Calendar of events page of the website if you have questions on when the next event is.

Do I have to be a Member in order to play and win prizes? 
No. You do not have to be a VIP member in order to play a ClubCCG event.  Anyone can play in a ClubCCG free weekly league, however they are not eligible for the points list, the BONUS $ and they do not receive bonus chips for being a ClubCCG member.

Thank you for taking the time to read about ClubCCG Free Weekly Poker Leagues, if you have any questions feel free to email or call me at ken@chicagocharitablegames.com or 630-901-9797 or go to the contact us page at the top of the site.

Good Luck this ClubCCG season, and be sure to Brandon on his toes!